Free browser based video calling for everyone.

Simple, Secure, and Fast. Peer to peer group video calling provides quality and latency simply not available with traditional technology.

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Zipcall is built radically different. We left behind slow bulky servers, opting for decentralized peer to peer calling. We engineered a platform with maximum video quality and lowest latency.

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Best Video Quality

State of the art video compression combined with our scaling optimization makes your calls crystal clear.

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No Download Required

No downloads. No plugins. No nonsense. Just open Zipcall in your browser and get back to what matters most.

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Lowest Latency

Breakthrough peer to peer WebRTC technology means your video goes directly to the other person without a server. No middleman. No extra stops.

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Decentralized group calls

Zipcall lets you talk to up to four friends by directly connecting to them, completely decentralized.

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No Server Needed

Calls are entirely between you and your caller, decentralized from any server. Call data never leaves the browser. Cool right?

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Total Privacy and Security

Zipcall is built privacy first. Each chat is single use, and end to end state of the art encryption means your calls are exactly that. Your calls.

Meet the team

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Ian Ramzy
Software Engineer

Connecting the world together one Zipcall at a time.

Try an easier, more secure way of calling.